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Perspectives Across the Border - Plead to Ownership

Dear Mr. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Pegula:

I do hope this blog actually finds its way to you as it does contain some valuable content that you may want to observe closely.

I'll start with General Manager Kevyn Adams:

Sir you came out and made a very clear statement. Your displeasure with the team at that point was far below your expectations and you would not allow things to continue and demanded change. Also, stated that a thorough examination of the organization is on and in many more words - made it appear that change was on the horizon. Here we are easily a week later and yet we've not seen so much as a pulse out of your corner. Were they just words to feed the media hogs?!

Kevyn, I had legitimate faith in what you started. Started with a solid "B" grade for your first off-season so I was optimistic that you may learn how to right the train wreck of a franchise that's turned into a league embarrassment. I thought some concerns were addressed very well (however I have no idea how goaltending was neglected when many options were available this off season); HOWEVER, followed up by holding a press conference to publicly make a puppet of yourself. Said some great words, then vanished without any real impact whatsoever. The Sabres are drowning sir and you're wearing the lifeguard suit talking to girls instead……

Being told you have the power and the opportunity here to start things in the right direction for an already lost season, so please start the process sir, get a NEW SYSTEM IN HERE NOW! I get that your lineup is badly bruised and broken , but you can at least teardown a horrible play style that doesn't work whatsoever, and develop something different!!! STOP HIDING SIR, PICK UP THE GAVEL AND LAY DOWN THE LAW!!!!!

Terry and Kim Pegula:

Under normal circumstances, I would welcome your lack of media presence, but considering the sad state of affairs - Would you not become vocal and demand more from this investment?! Show the good people of Buffalo and your neighboring Canadian cities that the Buffalo Sabres are more than this and that they aren't just a tax write off or an additional fund for the Buffalo Bills. We are a passionate fan base that is SCREAMING for attention.

When you two purchased the Sabres, right off the bat PROMISED Buffalo fans they would have a Stanley Cup contending team. WHAT HAPPENED?! I UNDERSTAND that times are tough, I UNDERSTAND that budgets are budgets; BUT, I don't understand maintaining a floundering business for proud reasons….


Us fans deserve better than what's presented and you two really don't appear to give a f**k. Excuse my language, I'm done here.

Struggling fan

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