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With Ralph Krueger out of the picture … the Sabres should get instantly better right?! Oh my good God we were duped….

All kidding aside I don't think anyone expected a firing of a head coach would translate to instant buffalo Sabres success, but it had to do….. something right? So I know its only been two games , and I refuse to blame Don. He has come in and made a statement , he's made some intelligent changes and he has shown something resembling structure, but this is something that takes time to establish.

The Sabres look confused , and lost. There's no fluidity in their play, it looks like a team thinking , not playing. That is not shocking considering that massive changes that appear to be going from ralph to Don. The system needs to take root and become second nature to them. I have mentioned to various people that they should get their new coach in sooner than later in order to establish his system so it can be ready to go for next year.

THIS STUFF TAKES TIME TO GET ENGRAINED! Injuries have also plagued the buffalo Sabres which is complicating things to an almost comedic proportion. Can the Sabres just fold the rest of the season ? It's hardly worth watching at this point ….. at least Jeff skinner is doing some things THIS SUCKS!

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