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Lately, I've been hearing the normal " the Sabres are terrible”, "they are a joke”, "this team needs a real head coach", "we need a new captain"(why that’s still being said I have NO God damn idea) …… I've even heard such stupidity as "trade Sam Reinhart. He sucks "

Now the only two rumblings out of that nonsense that has any merit to it at all were - they need a real coach, and this team is a joke. In this edition, I will attempt to dive into all off those stupid comments and try and show those people that they just need to uninstall Twitter.

Let's start with the most ludacris one of the bunch, although the "needing a new captain" isn't far behind.

Sam Reinhart's play this season is nothing short of admirable. He is a very bright light during an otherwise very dark season. He has 15 goals and 27 points in a season largely consisted of Krueger abysmal system (Yes Sam has improved under Granato). I sincerely hope that Sam has shown enough to the powers that be- that he can run his own line and bring his line-mates up. He is without a single doubt in the top 2 core players (of about 4 or 5) that you need to rebuild this team around.

Let us just address this Jack Eichel horse crap for one final time. OH! CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!!

HE STARTED THE SEASON INJURED AND WAS STILL YOUR LEADING POINTS PRODUCER! It was not until the season was completely lost that he finally was removed from the lineup to go get healthy.


The last three comments all in one:

The Sabres suck, they are a joke, and they need a real head coach. There are a few grains of truth hidden within these statements unfortunately. Don Granato has made a fantastic case for himself because of turning this train wreck into some sort of source of entertainment. He truly is getting the best of this lack luster roster and has even found a way to bring out an NHL player in Casey Mittlestadt. There are many reasons to give Don serious consideration, but unfortunately, I'm with the masses - he's done a fantastic job here … but I think it's just because Krueger’s system was so suffocating. I have a feeling that any decent head coach could have found the same if not more success as Don has. I do not for a second want to take away from Don and what he's accomplished… it's just my opinion on the matter.

The Sabres suck and they are a joke statements are both untrue and true at the same time. The season has left fans much to be desired and I'm not telling you guys anything new there. What I will say is that there is much to look forward too! The youngsters are really bringing some fire as of late and with more core pieces around them, we may have something here FINALLY. We have said this song and dance many times before, but that statement normally rests on unproven grounds. This team has broken the mold a bit by performing well heading into the off-season instead of the normal hot start and fizzle out.

Finally-unfortunately, I am going against my well-respected peers here - you need to find a new 1A 1B goaltending tandem. Ullmark-although very impressive at times this year- is far too injury prone for what he brings to the table. Try and trade Ullmark this off season and bring in a new higher end set of talent please. I love you Ullmark and I appreciated your efforts here bud, but for me, your time is up.

All things considered, there's finally a real light at the end of the tunnel here, and once again there's enough reason to expect better out of next season. Hopefully, we will not be fooled again!

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